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Dear Members,

As businesses gradually reopen, a flood of Labour Law work has required of our GEO officials to attend to numerous consultations, disciplinaries, retrenchments, union meetings, and other matters.
Although both clients and officials take the necessary precautions, the number of meetings held make GEO officials particularly vulnerable to the COVID-19 infection. Just over a week ago, one of our officials tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Two of our officials had to go into self-isolation due to having come into contact with people that tested positive after disciplinary hearings were held.
Besides the obvious dangers associated with the virus, infected officials are unable to work. Their workload is passed on to other already inundated officials resulting in delayed appointments, frustrated clients and unnecessary postponements.  
The GEO will continue to provide all services to members but must reduce our exposure to COVID-19. We request that all meetings be held via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Meetings requiring the physical presence of an official should be the exception rather than the norm. Not only will this protect our officials, but it will also protect our clients and their staff as well.
We trust that you will assist us in this regard and wish you all the best during these trying times.
Guardian Employers Organisation



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